API Errors

HTTP status codes

The Path of Exile API returns different HTTP status codes depending on whether or not the request was successful or resulted in some other error.

200OKThe request succeeded.
400Bad RequestThe request was invalid. Check that all arguments are in the correct format.
404Not FoundThe requested resource was not found.
429Too many requestsYou are making too many API requests and have been rate limited.
500Internal Server ErrorWe had a problem processing your request. Please try again later or post a bug report.

Error messages

Error response will contain a JSON object such as the one below. If your application makes decisions based on the error response make sure you use the code rather than the message as the message is subject to change.

    "error": {
        "code": 2,
        "message": "Invalid query"

List of error codes

1Resource not found
2Invalid query
3Rate limit exceeded
4Internal error
5Unexpected content type
7Temporarily Unavailable
9Method not allowed
10Unprocessable Entity