We're excited to announce that the Build of the Week series will be returning in a few weeks! Our last season ended in October 2017 and since then we've released 12 new gems, many new jewels and unique items and have revamped the Ascendancy Classes! This means it's high time we checked in to see what creative concepts our community members have been conjuring.

The purpose of the Build of the Week series is to showcase creative and unusual builds that push the limits of diverse gameplay in Path of Exile. They don't necessarily have to be the strongest or the fastest but they should certainly be attention-grabbing!

If you've got a build in mind you still have a couple of weeks to fine tune it and submit your guide. To do this, just post it in the relevant class forum. Your guide should include your gems, build-enabling unique items, jewels, passive tree and a brief overview of what makes the build special and the gameplay style. Videos of your build are a bonus but not a requirement.

If you're interested to see what we've showcased in the past, then check out our full playlist of past Build of the Week episodes.

While you're here, we wanted to mention that the poll we started yesterday has now closed. The community has conclusively decided that they would like us to introduce nets that allow you to capture beasts after they've died.

Because the 'Yes, but more common' option did not reach 50% of the vote, this means that we'll be introducing these nets as a relatively rare feature. The team has begun work on this already and we should have these implemented very soon. We will take into account the significant votes towards "more common" when deciding the final rarity.

We really appreciate the time that everyone took to leave feedback and place their vote. It was a close one!
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