Tencent, who publishes Path of Exile in mainland China, is hosting an event this weekend where five players from Path of Exile's international servers and five players from their Chinese servers will go head-to-head in two ultimate race events to win cash prizes and limited edition Kitava Statues made by Weta Workshop!

There are two events happening. In the first event, all ten players will compete in a 1 hour and 15 minute race to defeat Piety in Act Three. The top five from this event will move onto the final where they'll compete to defeat Kitava in Act 5 in a 2 hour and 15 minute race.

Tencent are Awarding these Prizes
  • 1st Place: 20,000 RMB (Roughly $3,100 USD) and a Kitava Statue
  • 2nd place: 10,000 RMB (Roughly $1,500 USD) and a Kitava Statue
  • 3rd Place: 5,000 RMB (Roughly $800 USD) and a Kitava Statue
  • 4th - 10th Place: Kitava Statue.

  • From 12.30 - 12.40pm (Beijing Time) the event will be introduced and an overview of the prizes will be given.
  • From12.40pm - 12.50pm (Beijing Time) the contestants will be introduced.
  • From 12.50pm - 2pm (Beijing Time) the first round will begin. Players will race to defeat Piety. The event will end when all racers have defeated Piety or when time is up.
  • From 2pm - 2.10pm (Beijing Time) there will be an interlude where the results of the first round will be announced and an overview of the next round is given.
  • From 2.10pm - 2.20pm (Beijing Time) contestants will begin creating characters for the next event.
  • From 2.20pm - 4.25pm (Beijing Time) the final event will begin. Contestants will race to defeat Kitava. The round will end when four players complete the target or when time runs out.
  • From 4.25pm - 4.35pm (Beijing Time) the final placements and winners announcement will take place.

Here is the start time in your local time: มี.ค. 09, 2018 11:30 หลังเที่ยง

If you want to tune in and watch the event live, you can watch the entire event here or you can check out any of our hand-selected racer's streams! Here are the five international competitors:

A little about him: "RaizQT, the once prolific build creator is now a self-proclaimed OK racer and Diablo 3 fan. With multiple race seasons under his belt, thousands of race points, hundreds of demigods and only a couple deaths to Piety, he is now reborn under the alias "The Polish Rat" casting fear in the hearts of his racing opponents. This avid twitch prime enthusiast has very recently achieved the 1st level 100 in HCSSFBTW Harbinger League. Having well over 1000 hours in PoE he is a true expert and the rumors that his Build of the Week RF Incinerate build was stolen from Mors are nothing more than baseless accusations. He can also kill Kitava in the amount of time it took to write this bio."

You can watch him race over at twitch.tv/RaizQT

A little about him: "Gucci is a veteran PoE player from the tiny nation of Singapore. Ever since the beginning of his PoE career, Gucci has strived to push the limits to how fast one can progress a character through the game. Having amassed over 6000 race season points on his profile, and once held the Brutus kill world record, experience is something he does not lack. Gucci has also achieved first level 100 in Hardcore Harbinger League, and his team has been the first to hit first 100 over multiple leagues on hardcore."

You can watch him race over at twitch.tv/guccipradas

A little about him: "My name is Kjetil AKA Zizaran, I've been playing Path of Exile for a very long time but I've been going hard the last two years. I love racing competitively both for first level 100 and boss kills. I managed to get the world first Hardcore league Shaper with my friend Blue which was a huge achievement. I managed to get first level 100 in the Mayhem Solo Self found hardcore league, and we won the group race leagues in Turmoil and Abyss Hardcore. I'm very passionate about racing and I treat them like a marathon, whenever a new league is out I frequently stay up for 30 hour sessions before I get a few hours of sleep and go onto a new 30 hour session. Generally I do between 1000-1200 hours a league and in the last two years I streamed around 7000 hours of Path of Exile. I love playing fast builds like CoC Discharge, Vaal Spark and Ethereal Knives. I love the short races too, especially Descent Champions and Descent and I've won over 100 Demigod's."

You can watch him race over at twitch.tv/zizaran

A little about him: "I started playing poe in 1.0 and loved it ever since. Don't know exactly how many hours I have played but it's probably around 5000. I've won a lot of short race demi's since I started seriously racing in 2.0 and recently won the community racing finale tournament. I used to mainly race as Templar but now I prefer Duelist since I consider it by far the best at the moment. I don't like endgame mapping as much as I do racing so I only have 1 level 100 which took about 6 days played time. Overall I hope ggg does more races in the future and I'm happy that I got this opportunity."

You can watch him race over at twitch.tv/deadanddoom

A little about him: "Nugiyen is a well known streamer on Twitch who has been playing Path of Exile since the days of Beta December 2012. Avid theorycrafter, racer and gamer at heart, he's achieved multiple wins in both week races and during race seasons. If you catch him during one of his streams he will most likely be either dancing or having a coffee, always ready to give his input on the most pressing issues around the world, like whether or not pineapple should in fact be on pizza. (It should.)"

You can watch him race over at twitch.tv/nugiyen

We hope that everyone enjoys the event! We can't wait to see the results.
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