We've just released the Celestial Armour Set, a mage-like ensemble trimmed with golden highlights that cloaks your character in a spacey effect. If you're using other celestial microtransactions, this armour set is the missing piece that will tie your look together! Check out the video or get yours here.

The armour set works with other celestial microtransactions like the Celestial Weapon Effect, Celestial Footprints and the brand new Celestial Shield and Celestial Staff. It also works well with skill effects like Celestial Righteous Fire and Celestial Flameblast. If you'd like to change up the look, you can even swap the helmet out for the Celestial Hood.

If you're looking for some points to spend, please consider checking out the new Bestiary Supporter Packs. Thank you so much for your support!
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