As part of our ongoing effort to revamp some existing skills alongside the Incursion release, we've announced some changes to how several traps will work. In addition to reworking existing trap skills, we're also adding five new trap skill gems! Today we're showing more detail of just one: Siphoning Trap.

Available at level 10, Siphoning Trap is the quintessential utility skill for trappers. It does three things:

It deals cold damage over time to up to ten enemies within a large radius: The damage it deals is not enormous, but the area it affects is very generous. It targets the enemies closest to the central trap device, meaning an enemy's movement can change whether or not it is targeted (even during the trap's effect!)

It chills: Each enemy affected by the trap is chilled, slowing them, and conveniently ensuring that they stay within the trap's area of effect just a little longer.

The best part? It grants you both life AND mana regeneration per enemy affected: It's not just a little bit, either. At level 20, with 10 enemies affected, Siphoning Trap will send nearly 500 life and a little more than 25 mana per second your way.

Siphoning Trap may not carry you through your Incursions at lightning speed, but it will provide an avenue for life and mana recovery while crippling enemy speed. With supports like Increased Duration Support and Trap Cooldown Support (now renamed Advanced Traps Support) you'll potentially be able to maintain multiple Siphoning Trap effects at the same time.

Combining chill and regeneration, we expect Siphoning Trap to be used by more than just trap characters. We also expect players using this trap to be posed an interesting question: will I gain more from killing this cluster of monsters in a boss fight as quickly as possible, or using them to maintain my life and mana levels? Check it out in action below!

We'll be discussing another new trap later this week, so keep your eyes peeled!

By the way, last week community streamer ZiggyD visited the Grinding Gear Games studio to get lots of juicy information about Content Update 3.3.0. He'll be releasing several videos with his insights in the lead-up to the launch of Incursion. You can check out his content live on Twitch, watch his videos on Youtube or get updates on Twitter!
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