The Bestiary League introduced the concept of Beastcrafting, where you can fight your captured beasts to craft items. Since release almost two weeks ago, engagement with the Beastcrafting system has been strong, with over 6.7 million items crafted so far. Today's news post goes into more detail about what the community have been crafting and which recipes are the most popular.

The data in this post is up-to-date as of around 2pm Thursday, NZ time.

Overall Usage:
Here's a general idea of what people are focusing on with Beastcrafting (along with some notes):
  • Create a Unique: 2,878,331
  • Create a Levelling Item: 1,181,415
  • Create a Rare with a Specific Mod: 909,036 (this will increase after 3.2.1)
  • Convert this Unique Item to another: 311,442
  • Create an Item (Misc): 274,183 (see below for a breakdown of this category)
  • Create an Unidentified Rare Armour: 461,204
  • Gain Prophecies: 200,668 (that's up to a million Prophecies!)
  • Add a Mod to a Flask: 79,801 (with "of Staunching" representing 38,932 of these)
  • Create a Unique Map: 51,765
  • Open a Portal: 41,361 (see below for breakdown)
  • Link four sockets together: 30,081
  • Create a Corrupted Rare Map with 8 Mods: 25,562
  • Reroll the Colours of Sockets on this item: 23,216
  • Seal all Prophecies: 19,322
  • Craft an Aspect Skill onto an Item: 3,180 (see below for breakdown)
  • Reroll Mod Values: 2,853
  • Add a Mod: 2,703
  • Modify Mods on an Item: 2,634
  • Corrupt an Armour or Weapon to 30% Quality: 1,657
  • Split an Item Into Two: 1,547
  • Create a Mirrored Copy of an item: 1,481
  • Reroll the Sockets on this item to White: 81 (59x1 socket, 7x2 sockets, 15x3 sockets)
  • Create an Imprint: 25 (we expect usage of this to increase later in the league)

Breakdown of Misc "Create an Item" choices from above:
  • Create a Level 21 Corrupted Gem: 91,161
  • Create a Stack of 10 Random Currency: 62,718
  • Create a Stacked Deck Currency: 50,845
  • Create a Random Atziri Fragment: 29,894
  • Create a Random Gem With 15-20% Quality: 14,544
  • Create a Random Flask With 15-20% Quality: 11,441
  • Create a Shaper or Elder Rare: 8,202
  • Create a Fully-linked Six-socket Rare: 2,992
  • Create a 23% Quality Corrupted Gem: 2,386

Create a Unique Item:
A total of 2,878,331 unique items have been made using the recipes that involve Legendary Beasts (and 311,442 have been made from the "Convert this Unique Item Into Another Random Unique Item" recipe). Here's a breakdown of the top 10 most popular uniques to make:
  • Belt: 230,348
  • Armour Piece: 190,101
  • Body Armour: 164,079
  • Gloves: 156,439
  • Helmet: 151,659
  • Weapon: 148,777
  • Boots: 143,493
  • Amulet: 139,315
  • Flask: 135,938
  • Item: 130,879

Top Ten Rare (with Mod) Recipes:
  • Create a Rare Ring with Maximum Life: 39,741
  • Create a Rare Amulet with All Resistances: 35,786
  • Create a Rare Belt with Maximum Life: 35,223
  • Create a Rare Ring with All Resistances: 27,738
  • Create Rare Str Boots with Movement Speed: 27,587
  • Create a Rare One-Hand Sword with Increased Physical Damage: 23,197
  • Create a Rare One-Hand Axe with Increased Physical Damage: 15,884
  • Create a Rare Wand with Spell Damage: 15,721
  • Create a Rare Amulet with Maximum Life: 15,445
  • Create a Rare Sceptre with Spell Damage: 14,556

And of course, the least-popular rare recipe:
  • Create a Rare Two-Hand Mace with No Physical Damage Mods: 147

This recipe has been changed in 3.2.1 to let you use a base item that you provide in the window. It'll even scour it for you too.

Opening a Portal to Spirit Beast Fight:
41,361 portals have been opened to the Spirit Realm, with the following breakdown:
  • Saqawal's Roost: 22,136
  • Craiceann's Cove: 12,785
  • Fenumus' Lair: 5,025
  • Farrul's Den: 1,415

If you can capture the Spirit Beast in these fights, you can craft its Aspect onto an item. So far this has been done 3,180 times:
  • Aspect of the Avian: 1,984
  • Aspect of the Crab: 849
  • Aspect of the Spider: 224
  • Aspect of the Cat: 123

New Recipes in 3.2.1:
In addition to changing how the "Rare with mod" recipe works (so that you can control the base type of the item), we have added some more recipes in today's patch.

One set of recipes allows you to craft end-game six-link armour types with high item levels. While an expensive recipe to do, it lets people craft for high trade value or make an item that can then be further refined into the final armour they need for their build. It's also a great part of our "what if six-links were more plentiful?" experiment.

The other set of recipes provides cheap access to random but corrupted Talismans of various tiers. We're very excited to see what you get.

We're very pleased with the high engagement with Beastcrafting. It was a risky system because of the difficulty pricing stuff, so was sure to disrupt the economy. So far, people are using it pretty heavily and we expect this to continue throughout the league as we add more recipes over time.
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