As we mentioned on Saturday's launch news post, the Incursion launch was a huge success. Average player numbers online over the weekend put this launch in first place, ahead of even the gigantic six-act 3.0.0 expansion we worked on for over two years. Today's news post summarises some of the highlights of launch for us.

Far Less Stress

With our new league development schedule in place, we had Incursion on the Alpha server the week after it was announced, and were able to release it with no crunch time required. The development team worked completely normal hours and we were all able to get a lot of sleep in the days leading up to release. This meant that we were able to release a league that was extensively tested, relatively bug-free and without a lot of pre-launch stress.

Easy Cleanup of Post-launch Problems

The live team were able to triage and patch most of the first-weekend issues with a series of hotfixes that didn't involve restarting the realm. A handful of crashes and other small bugs were addressed. With the high-priority stuff out of the way, they can focus on responding to other Incursion feedback while the rest of the team works on future content. Needless to say, this was far, far easier than Bestiary launch weekend.

Checking out Build Choices

The extensive skill revamp and introduction of new skills has really shaken up the metagame with players trying a lot of new builds. We have been watching the development of new builds with interest and are seeing some clever combinations so far. It's also interesting to see what people are using to level through the content, especially with the new item options available. We're seeing far fewer Sunderbois and a fair amount more Arcbois now.

Entertaining Corruption Outcomes

It's really awesome to see the crazy items that people are making… or destroying. We were going to congratulate Mathil on finding a Bisco's collar, but might have been mistaken because we just couldn't find it when we went to have a look.

We hope you continue to enjoy the Incursion league and eventually discover all the secrets that The Temple of Atzoatl holds!
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