Path of Exile Talent Competition

My 3rd submission!

I hope I didn't miss the calling!
I spent the better part of a week and the entire weekend creating this piece. I modeled everything except for the body - the figure was made in Adobe Fuse then brought into Mixamo for general body position.. then brought into c4d and posed more specifically. All the textures were made by me. The hair was by far my favorite part as well as making all the armor and clothes myself- which is all new to me! I had so much fun making this and I hope ya'll enjoy it!

Behind the scenes here: !!
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This is my Ritual inspired makeup look!

DJFariel เขียน:
I took some of the absolutely fantastic artwork that was submitted for the contest and made Magic: The Gathering cards out of it. I only selected 10 here for this purpose.

I'm unsure if this should technically qualify - I did not ask for permission to use this artwork and I would feel terrible if a transformation of a submission to the contest won the contest it was submitted to. I am more than happy to remove any of the cards if one of the authors would like me to. Just PM me.

All artwork is credited. Artists are:
Quentin Gautier — xKzo



Bruh. That's not very nice. You're just feeding off of their work.
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Some doodle I did :)
Stuff on this thread is amazing. I am talentless.
Cryomatrix5 เขียน:
Stuff on this thread is amazing. I am talentless.

dont text like that, if you have internet, you can use so much info how to create something or how to draw, it's just knowledge + practice + time investment
I could not meet deadline because I had some trouble with covid and baby on the way...but here it is
Catake เขียน:

This is absolutely incredible and seriously hot. A great combination!