Path of Exile: Affliction Talent Competition

Here is my entry - King in the mists.
I made him in blender by scratch. Sculpted, repoto, material, rig everything by blender, only some minnor postproduces in clip paint. I am not usually doing stuffs like that so Its bit wonky because i am used to do cute art :D

And there is a screen from blender -
Being playing loooong time, really enjoyed these talent competitions every time. Every league we got some great new characters, this time I saw Warden and I just have to praise the design of this NPC.

I decided to draw the Breaker of Oaths with a head in hand hanging out with some wisps.
Here is my submission: The Black Morrigan

Such a graceful creature, Einhar would have a field day with that one.

Moon_Snail เขียน:
Here's my submission.

※ This submission is re-uploaded with my workflow to avoid any possible misunderstandings regarding AI generation.
And then I also added a little more touch.

~Warden of Eaves~

- workflow -

I hope you all enjoy my work.
Have a great day.

I've attached a workflow and made some quality improvements.
"When you overjuice the Glacier map", aka Awakened Pillar Goatmen.

Not that I would expect anyone to doubt this, but I can post the work files, if needed.

PS - Please, make challenges less grindy. I almost had no will to make this after another 500 altar grind ;(
the ranger uses a brief pause in the action for a snack and a bit of story-time. her audience would prefer it if she'd rather gather more wisps. :P

I'm having a blast playing this league and I'm glad that I got to participate in the talent competition!

I will make a video going over my process for creating this art.

Good luck to all talented exiles!

Process on my artstation:
Jugg is the way
Primalist Leather Wallet

Wanted to make myself a new small wallet, was thinking about PoE motive, so I decided why not to use Affliction one :)


The King in the Mists - by NATILO

Hello fellow exiles!
Since art is my talent, I thought I'd spice it up a bit by adding animations and turning it into a downloadable wallpaper via Wallpaper Engine on Steam. The art progress is shown below, so I'll focus on explaining some of the code involved up here.

The pulsating light animation is made by adjusting the opacity of 5 different images with GSAP (Greensock). The dancing dust particles is also brought to life with GSAP, but less adjusting the opacity and more adjusting of the Y and X axes. The breathing animation is simple CSS keyframe animation and the Sacred Wisp animation is adding a mouseevent listener to a webGL canvas.

Wallpaper preview (Youtube)

Wallpaper Engine link (Steam) HERE!

Mobile wallpaper (still image):


My fanworks thread:
My hideout showcase thread:

AI "art" isn't art, it's theft.
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