Path of Exile: Affliction Talent Competition

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"i'm very happy to explore the emotional depths of the poignant storyline of Zana and her father through this epic musical composition, crafted with passion from the depths of the captivating history of Path of Exile. Alternating between enchantment and melancholy, the powerful notes capture the very essence of their tragic destiny. Whether you are a veteran of the lands of Wraeclast or a newcomer discovering this adventure, this composition offers an immersive experience, reviving the intense emotions of the Path of Exile universe"

All vocal lines are courtesy of Grinding Gear Games. Thanks to Path of Exile for the competition, and thank you for listening

youtube link !
Hi All!

This 3D model was fully made, textured and rendered in Blender. This is my 2nd character that I ever made! I hope you like it :)

The King in the Mists

Material Preview
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My submission: "The choice is yours"
You can see it at
This is my second contribution to the this contest. When I finish a crosshatching drawing I end up with crossed eyes and a stiff hand, but it's always worth the trip.

I tried posting the picture, but something went wrong. So here is a link to my entry. The wisps first arriving at the well in the Viridian Forest.
Hey all,

This is my submission,"The Wildwood Juice Bar" I sculpted this up in zbrush over the past week, sadly I can not continue to finish what I wanted as my work schedule got a little more hectic. I really wanted the skull at the back of the chair to constantly be inhaling wisps and converting them into "The Juice" lol. After that, I wanted to run nasty organic cords from the pods directly into the juice container lids. I will do this once work slows down.

Thank you for looking! and never stop wheezing the juice!



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A little comic book. Thought this would be a cool idea. Hope you guys like it!
Here's my submission~

Hi, this is my entry for the competition!


EDT: I saw many people added their proof of non AI work, so I wanna add mine too. Maybe GGG will have to make it mandatory in the rules?

Also it was my first time trying to make animations/gifs, was fun learning.

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