Path of Exile: Affliction Talent Competition

StellaTheSlaya เขียน:
~Tread lightly~


Work in progress shots v

Wow that's just stunning! Absolutely love those wolves!
harderblush เขียน:

My entry! hope you all enjoy!

Looks like I weren't the only one making Pac-Man sounds while collecting wisps. :D
3.14 - Removed Harvest from the game.
I was trying my best

Gingerbread King in the Mists.
3D sculpture, approx. 30 cm tall.
Fully edible; only materials used are gingerbread biscuits and royal icing. Christmas is over, yes, but these cookies hold their shape really well during baking and have excellent compression load bearing. This thing could stand up to more wind than me :)
My Tarot cards)) Traditional art with pen) by NeiridaSama

DJFariel เขียน:
I made a game. It's called Kalandra Game, based on the currently-popular Suika Game when you drop and merge fruit. I'd like to add loot drop sounds to the game, but I don't have them available on the internet. This entry isn't particularly Affliction themed, unless you count the massive amounts of currency all over the place. But I had fun making it over the last two days and had a lot of fun playing and sharing it. I hope you have fun with it, too. That's really all I ask.

i made it) it was very laggy sometimes)
My ink drawing of the cursebringer armor
Pathfinder, master of finding the path in the Viridian Wildwood.

She found only blue wisps.

Created with 3D modeling and painting, here are some screenshots of the viewport and wireframe: LINK