Path of Exile Talent Competition

There's no word in the announcement that forbids it, so can it be porn?
Wissle เขียน:
There's no word in the announcement that forbids it, so can it be porn?

That was the first thing that popped into my head as well!
So I asked support, and they said that it should be porn.

I made this song a few years ago, my inspiration back then was Path of Exile

Maybe I can make a new Song for the Competition before it ends

good luck to all Exiles
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Well then, let me introduce you to my league concept:

The story starts with Exile who are doing temporal incusions accidently saving Antagonist, a young slave that's about to be sacrificed. As the only survivor, he (she?) was accepted into Vaal community, because people believed it was God's will that saved him. But the Antag knew it's not a god, and when it happened again - he understood pattern of Exile's actions. And set up a trap. First attempts failed, because captured Exiles disappeared back in time, but Antag was persistant, and he saw a frature in reality left where another Exile disappeared - without hesitation he jumped right into it.

Nobody know how much time Antag spent there, in a place beyond time itself, but when he returned - he was a different person, stronger and wiser. All the countless incursions made by Exiles to exploit Atzoatl fucked up timelines to so much, that structure of time itself began to crumble, and he learned to use those gaps and travel trough them. And then he did the same thing that Exiles were doing with Atzoatl: travelled to another times and offered power to people (and beasts, and enteties) that were originally lost in the pages of history. He changed the history, making them a powerfull warlords who are serving under his command, and now he is ready to invade the time where Exiles came from - his goal is to take all incurion devices to not let people exploit the past again, and stop greed of Exiles for good. When Alva is being attacked by those forces - she hires a scientist, who specializes in temporal incursions to solve the problem, and he recruits Exile to be his muscle power.

How it will be played?

Phase 1:

Exile finds a time fracture on map or level. By entering it he is transferred to exact copy of the map he is on, but from another time - it can be one of 10 (why 10? just randomly picked number) various timelines, from prehistoric forest filled with dinasours, to distant future with mechs and lasers. Parts of the map are always closed off (both to show how place changed and to make those encounters faster for players). On those new map variants they will find thematic enemies and sometimes even mini-bosses. Player's job is to defeat enemies that are causing instabilities and escape. Reward for doing that will be Rift Shards that belong to specific time.

Phase 2:

Upon collecting enough Rift Shards players can make Rift Orbs, each of them are opening the full map of relevant timeline. Their job is to find a defeat a special boss of this map - legendary hero of this time, a General of Antagonist's army. The boss will drop Timeless Key (each key has special colour, representing time it came from) and retreat instead of being killed.

Phase 3:

Timeless Tower will be unlocked to visiting. It's a 10-story high tower that exists in space inside timeline itself, each floor or it can be unlocked with ANY Timeless Key. When it happens, floor changes the colour and becomes inhabited with monsters and bosses from specific time. Same type of keys are allowed to be used again.

After climbing trough all 10 floors final boss fight opens, where we face Antagonist, who uses his stages to summon a specific 10 generals (from same worlds that were used to unlock tower) to aid him in the fight.

If player is victurious, a Timeless Treasure room is unlocked for looting. The key thing here is that each boss key used to unlock Tower changes possible pool of rewards in the Treasure Room! And not only colours of the keys matter - but also the time order, for example - opening first floor with green key, and second with blue will not yeild same rewards as opening first with blue, and second with green. If we assume there are 10 floors (again, randomly picked number, but overall number of floors should be equal to number of worlds) with 10 possible colour options - it will open... A LOT of possible combinations for players to experiment with, because those not only will change the rewards - but will also make overall Tower expirience easier or harder, depending on what worlds are used to open it. And what are types of rewards? Anything, from uniques to special crafts! But it will be nice if they will be related not only to timelines used to generate them, but also to specific timeline combinations.
Nice :) Let me find one.
Alright then, time to let the creativity flow!
ReaperOfHoes เขียน:
Wissle เขียน:
There's no word in the announcement that forbids it, so can it be porn?

That was the first thing that popped into my head as well!
So I asked support, and they said that it should be porn.

Seems legit!
If I will want to create some 3D art and some parts of the final product will have edited content from someone else is that still a valid entry for the prize pool ?

Lets say I want to ctrate 3D art but some parts which I will use will be downloaded as model from Thingiverse and edited to suit my needs and I will state origin of these parts, will it count as valid entry ?
GGG : "So what talent you have exile ?"
Me : "Im just not that lucky "
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