Path of Exile Talent Competition

Took sometime on my friday to make this that I had in mind for a while:

A "classless" game goes like:

The witch is based on my current ignite build :P
I don't know if this is technically creative or more of a feature request, but
unveiling items and unlocking crafts annoys me every single league.

So I made this QoL feature:

Here is some renders of Harvester AP Sculpt I have made.

This very good!
Decided to do a short poem


You arrived from the sea
Untrained as one can be
Yet one couldn't foresee
How far you would disagree

Merveil drowned
Dominus decrowned
Kitava was spellbound
And the gods were put to the ground

A god slayer you became
One who has no name
but a grudge
for those who misjudge

in foul Wraeclast
where you will be the last

แก้ไขล่าสุดโดย lucanique เมื่อ 5 ก.พ. 2021 15:12:39
I am by far a good drawer, photo shopper or anything really creative. However, I still wanted to join. Hope you can enjoy my view of Jun in her homeland.

I would actually buy a foam exalted orb if it's well made.
Shigaki เขียน:

Luckily Blizzard is so stupid now they wouldn't buy PoE if handed it on a silver platter, and GGG is doing so well they wouldn't sell themselves to Blizzard for a billion billion dollars.