Path of Exile Talent Competition

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There's no word in the announcement that forbids it, so can it be porn?

Along that line of thinking,

Here's my entry for the competition:
(edited fully fleshed out version)

More realistic

lmao :'D

I hope you win
The three weary exiles meet the Shaper

The tall, hovering figure of The Maven made a cryptic gesture, The Shaper's wounds beginning to close.
-Not Again! - cried the Hierophant in distress, dashing to the left and haphazardly planting a totem
-Whose idea was to invite the giant sky mommy anyway? - The Ascendant just finished chugging half of the crimson healing potion
-Just keep shooting!

The battlefield was covered in void, with barely any room to move. Arrows, totem splinters and chunks of the shaper's flesh mixed with the soil to form a macabre mosaic.
Another few totems went up, just to be melted away by the Shaper's beam. The Ascendant's bow was being held fearfully at her side, as she gracefully danced around the mess. Most of the arrows were coming from the green mirage floating above her.

-Where is the Slayer? We can't keep going much longer - shouted the Ascendant, barely firing a shot before skirting away
-How would I know? He just didn't come back after the second anomaly!
The Ascendant scoffed. This was not looking good.

The sound of flames followed the Hierophant's bellow. He barely evaded one of the numerous sun-like projectiles flying all over. The empty bottle of his healing potion was angrily tossed away.
-This is over. We can't do anything - his voice was somber
-Evade and focus, we can do this!

A void ball bumped into the Hierophant's back, hissed and exploded. The darkness began clawing at his feet, as he slowly walked away with emptiness in his eyes. This was so pointless...

Then, in an instant, as if coming down from the mountain of Innocence, a high-pitched yell was heard.
Time seemed to be at a standstill.
The Ascendant was gulping down a bunch of potions, whose flasks seemed to fill themselves.
The Hierophant's feet were dragging against the ground, barely moving from the emptiness.
And then there was the Slayer. High in the air, mid jump from a leap slam. Atziri's Disfavor held firmly in both hands.
The Shaper was just standing there, his face covered from the veil.
The Maven smiled.

A visceral sound followed. Iron imbedded in bone, the Axe sank deep into the old man's figure. Had he been human, blood would have covered the field. Instead, it was all void. Nothingness.
The Shaper's body fell to the ground.

The void pools shrank almost instantly. The arrows disappeared, the splinters seemed to just fade away.

The Slayer stood up, huge grin on his face.

-You imbecile, do you know how long we've been keeping him wounded? - the Ascendant's voice echoed across the void
-Zana, you were... my greatest...
-Hey, I told you I needed a moment, and you both just ran in...
-I'm so sorry father...
-You just wanted to make a grand entrance, didn't you?
-What? No, of course not!
-It's okay father...
-Ugh, whatever, what did he drop anyway?
-I can't believe I see you again...
-Its just these ugly gloves? For all this trouble? That's it, I'm done!
-Yes Father, it's me...

The Ascendant opened a portal and left without saying another word. The Hierophant got up and slapped the Slayer on the back of his head.
It is said that Zana is still talking to her father.
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After the last one, I won't participate.
And another one!

Tullina: Hey, Vinderi!

Vinderi: Isla? What do you need?

Tullina: I am not... ah, forget it. Look, we spent several days to get those blueprints, gathering inside info about newest changes in the layout, planning our advance, figuring a way out...

Vinderi: Yes.

Tullina: Then we murdered dozens of people on our way in and hundreds more on our way out...

Vinderi: If they didn't wanted to die, they could stay at home!

Tullina: And we did all of this... to steal 6 orbs of fusing?

Vinderi: 7 orbs of fusing! Or... was it 6?

Tullina: Yes, but, don't you think...

Vinderi: We should have took 20 orbs of chance?

Niles: Chance is a term made by humans! It does not exist! We are making our own destiny.

Tullina: No! Don't you think that is was... not a good reward? Who would put that on their curio display?

Vinderi: What are you talking about? Those were very expencive looking.

Tullina: You said the same when opened the box full of white swords...

Vinderi: But i found an extra copies of them in hidden part of the chest! And those were very sharp!

Niles: I hope i won't get stabbed again.

Tullina: People! Do you have any self-respect? Are you a thieves, or a hobos collecting junk? You have to stand up, look into the mirror and answer the question... WHO... ARE... YOU?

Gianna: A star! As always.

Nenet: Walking dead.

Niles: I am a mental giant!

Vinderi: I!... I... I don't remember, actually.

Tullina: ... i think i will quit.


Tullina: Let me out? Can someone open this door? Karst, i see you on the other side! Why do you just stand near that level? Pull it please! Karst? Karst???!!! Kaaaaaarst!!!!!

Niles: Well, since we appear to be locked in here, you may as well tell me - what were you planning to do after quitting?

Tullina: Well, one of the guys in that lab tried to offer me working as a cook when i ran past him... Maybe he wants to help me get a honest job?

Niles: Dear, i don't think that he meant that when he said "you will feed many".

Tullina: What? What else could he... oh. Oh...

Niles: * winking * Exactly!

Kurai: (trough loudspeakers) Listen up people! I hate the Twins! I want to see them dead to avenge poor Hana! That's why i locked the contract for their heads in a secret stash and hid it somewhere in the Atlas. You need to find it and bring it back, and then we can proceed with revenge! Just don't ask me why you need to do this. That's just how our guild operates - you cannot pass contracts directly, you need to hide it somewhere where Exile will be able to find it.
I made a little story about Einhar. I'm not a native english, so there might be some mistakes. Please be lenient.


January 3rd

Today, something was wrong with Einhar. Although I invited him to hunt some stupid beasts like every day, he didn't seem very cheerful, and even seemed absent, as if something was occupying his thoughts. I tried to go and see him, but he replied that everything was fine, with a strange smile. So I didn't push any harder than that. After all, everyone has the right to be in a bad mood from time to time.

January 7th

Last week's strange feeling only got worse. The more time went by, the more Einhar did incomprehensible actions, such as appearing stoic in front of beasts or even missing some net throws. But the strangest thing I've noticed in the last 6 days happened today: I made an appointment with him at the burial chamber of Haewark Hamlet to surprise him. I heard that a Farric Tiger Alpha was there. As soon as he arrived, he already seemed to want to leave. So I tried to finish the hunt as soon as possible, but the immortal syndicate had to come back to waste our time. Although they are pretty easy to defeat, they are still a nuisance. I let Jun decide their fate and devoted myself to Einhar, which had meanwhile disappeared. He only left a note saying, « Einhar must do Einhar business. »

January 10th

Now for sure, something serious is going on. Since his disappearance after the hunt, Einhar is nowhere to be found. Nobody has seen him, either in Oriath, or in the Hideout. Only the menagerie remains. During my research, I found on the Blood altar an insignia of the immortal syndicate. I am now certain: those bastard zombies did something in Einhar. For the next few days I will concentrate on hunting for safehouses to find my friend, so I won't have time to write in this diary anymore.

January 23rd

I spent the last 2 weeks looking for the location of Mastermind's Lair, I defeated Catarina and her 4 generals, and when I finally went down in the safehouse, Einhar's crossbow was there. Out of fear, I started running around looking for him. When I finally ran into him, he turned around and asked me "Hello Exile, do you want to hear a mighty poem? "while holding a baby Rhoa in his arms. In the end, I didn't worry about much. Einhar was just busy taking care of this little one. Oh wait, Einhar, taking care of a beast?!
I want to win finally something :(
I made a Chiptune Cover of the Legion theme. I've made two other PoE covers before but made this one today to qualify with the competition. Cheers!

Listen here:
Long live POE, long live GGG
finished this today