Path of Exile Talent Competition

Have you ever seen the true face of God, exile?

I am a great artist.
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Tartharos เขียน:
Well here I bring you my version of The Maven, to the great boss of this expansion!

I do not know how I will be on time this month, but if I find another opportunity I will try to bring Zana since I would like to make one in my style.

Thanks and I hope you like it.

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Wissle เขียน:
There's no word in the announcement that forbids it, so can it be porn?

Along that line of thinking,

Here's my entry for the competition:
(edited fully fleshed out version)

More realistic

you got my vote
I'm quite profound artist if i may say so, so as my entry i've decided to update all ingame graphics as seen below.

I feel pretty, Oh, so pretty,
I feel pretty, and witty and gay,
And I pity Any girl who isn’t me today!
rocetti เขียน:
Took sometime on my friday to make this that I had in mind for a while:

A "classless" game goes like:

The witch is based on my current ignite build :P

There go my chances to win. You are the true winner here(to me anyway)
I just love how goofy that is, while still looking high-effort.

>Big boy Marauder is like cute magical girl from anime
>Witch is the one that looks to be focused on brute force
This all in cartoonish art style with very clean linework.
What is there not to love?
And after looking at that weapon (mace i would guess) it is just clear winner to me. No offense to any other poster ofcourse, everyone else did great job too, but this one just stands out to me.

I feel pretty, Oh, so pretty,
I feel pretty, and witty and gay,
And I pity Any girl who isn’t me today!
Wraeclast goes in loops... at first I couldn't fathom it. But delving deeper and peering throughout dreamworlds of those strange, strange lands, with the help of thaumaturgical device. I think I've discovered a pattern. I come back to those worlds, time after time, but the scrolls, and books only grow expotentially. Words change, but the truth stays the same.

Shaper with his four guardians. Elder with his four disciples. Four Elderslayers and one Destroyer of Worlds. Now there ought to be cycle to repeat. I can sense it. Perhaps It's even happening here and now, somewhere out there, as I write down those memories. Empires rise and fall, and so there are those who witness it, and live to tell the tale. I only envy the great Ezomyrian and Azmeri poets that came before me. For I may not endure the Cataclysm of my era.

"The Hero or Villain, depends on who you ask" It's also a common here in wraeclast. There is always a different perspective on how you name things. Solaris and Lunaris twins sisters or Solerai and Lundara, gold and silver as my folk says... I wonder what people will say, in years from now, about Empire, Puritans and Thaumaturgists. The inevitable? Or just differents colors on a spectrum. Maybe all this is just sand, vast deep sea of gray.

There are always those who try, and then do reshape the world in theirs mad, corrupted vision. Oh why, are those always the warriors, "conquerors", or the wealthy. It leaves me thinking what would've been, if instead of Chitus, Victario had ascended throughout the trials. Although the goal itself is not always everything, for I know what happened to Veritania. The measures are...

Tribes of Vastiri do not seek wisdom in words, but rather in survival, for which reason I do not hold grudge. I comprehend reasons of my banishment. It unrests people to remember. In a way, now, I live life of a scavenge and pilgrimage, a life which my people would be proud of. However I am not. I should focus on bringing change. I started experimenting on the device. If it can be fed with maps, why not frescoes and scripts... More attempts are surely required. Maybe if I could only harness the power of virtue gems not only for destruction, but creation as well. If it only would've worked, maybe I could've paint and write the world anew.
-The Historian, circa 1627 IC

I've always admired how cool and non one-dimensional are villains in PoE. I always liked to discover what makes them tick, while at the same time, stories were not intrusive to the gameplay. Much like narration from Dark Souls for example. So here it is me having fun and an attempt at designing some immersive villain-esque journal entries, hope you enjoy :D Cheers!
This gave me some opportunity to do some music production. 🎵🎵🎶

Here's my deep dubstep remix of the Sarn Encampment music:


Kept it short. Will release an extended if enough interest is shown! Thanks for the opportunity!

May try working on a whole different track as well, but who knows!
แก้ไขล่าสุดโดย Sanktusdub เมื่อ 7 ก.พ. 2021 03:40:52
ZerotuL เขียน:
Kitava.Pixel art.62x54
Deviant art link

Upscaled to 300%

Love this. Pixel art is always so awesome to see. Nice stuff on DA as well.
I'm working on something lovecraftian, but meanwhile: Piety. Vinia's Token as reference point.

Here is a gameplay video in the Grave Trough, with a dark western ambient which fits this map and my character :

The Lone Wanderer - Dig Myself a Grave

Boss witnessed by the Maven.

Build :
Kinetic Bolt/Power Siphon Assassin, with two Corona Solaris wands, Avatar of Fire, Spellslinger.

Hope you like it :)
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
แก้ไขล่าสุดโดย rahsaan เมื่อ 7 ก.พ. 2021 08:10:08